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Sonic Assault 1.0

Sonic Assault gives our friend Sonic a big shotgun!!
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Sonic Assault is an excellent shooting game for those people who love challenging games that appear to be simple but have no end and their difficulty increases considerably to the point when one cannot go any further and gets killed. If you end with a very high score you'll be able to show off on the best-scores page, where these are published.

The objective is to survive and kill as many enemies as you can, in order to reach a high score which can be published later on the game's site. Sonic Assault is a platform game with three types of enemies: walkers, which are slow and easy to eliminate; fliers, which are very fast; and finally advanced fliers, which look like jelly fish. All flying enemies will shoot back! To defend yourself, you'll have to shoot at their bullets to destroy them. Every time you pull the trigger of the shotgun three bullets will be shot instantly. Luckily, the bullets shot by Sonic are apparently unstoppable, you will be able to kill a bunch of enemies with a single well-aimed shot!

Game controls are very sensitive and easy to remember: the cursor keys of the keyboard (up to jump, left and right to move) and the left-click with the mouse to shoot - that's all to remember.

Jonathan Palencia
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